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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 4, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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>> breaking news. a two-alarm fire in san ramown. >> flames shooting into the air in southern california. we'll tell you what is fueling this blaze. >> a search for the killer of an eight-year-old girl ramps um. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> ama: good evening, i'm ama daetz. we begin with this breaking news out of san ramon. this where is firefighters are on the scene of two-alarm fire. it broke out at 4:30 this afternoon. neighboring homes have been evacuated because the fire could spread to neighboring houses.
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>> a grass fire in napa came dangerously close to homes this afternoon. tomas roman is live in napa with the details. >> so far the cause of this fire is unknown but started at 1:00 right behind the homes down the hill, and quickly caused alarm for some local home owners. >> the quick response by more than two dozen firefighters from calfire and the napa fire department. there was a red-flag warning because of high temperatures and dry conditions. the fire quickly fed on the grass and headed towards expensive homes. wally says he had no idea a fire was fast approaching his home. >> i turned around and see smoke and then you can see the flames. >> what did you do? >> had to get the dog. reporter: by the time he tried to get things out of his house, he heard signs and realized the fire department were already on scene.
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they managed to bring the fire under control and out in less than an hour. back here live, home owners in the area, especially wally, said he will be creating an even larger fire break around his home because so many fires seem to start in this area. we're live, abc7 news. >> ama: we have breaking news in the city of crockett where a four-acre grass fire has caused a lane closure on highway 80. one eastbound lane is closed because fire trucks are using it. the fire, which was reported just over an hour ago,er is 80% contained. these are new picture0s of in friday's 30-acheber brush fire in san jose. the fire bureaucrat out in -- broke out at 2:00 in the afternoon. no juries were recorded. >> developing news out of southern california. cooler temperatures and moisture air will help firefighterset a
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handle on she springs fire. it has burned 28,000 acres in two days and is 30% containedle firefighters are working nonstop. 1 more five -- 13 more fire agencies arrived today. his is a four-alarm fire burning in an industrial yard in the city of fontana. flames destroyed more than half of what was in this yard, mostly wood pallets. firefighters are dealing with exploding propane tankses so they're having a hard time getting the fire out. >> we have been have michigan hot weather here, which does not help firefighters featuring the blazes, but a change is coming. our abc7 meteorology leigh glaser is here. >> leigh: inland, 90s, s toe, record high of 8 4.
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checking out live doppler 7hd, we are starting to see some subtle changes. we're getting returns toward lake county. mainly the higher elevations. but look at the sierra. this where is some of the wrap-around moisture is moving in. south lake tahoe, near chico, and slight inning strikes being reported, and this is association with an area of low pressure that will retrograde towards the bay area, bringing a chance of showers monday and tuesday. but we'll take you down to southern california. they, too also seeing the fog return. higher relative humidity and cooler air mass. a good indication that things will be improving in that location across the state. in terms of them fighting those fires. sharp drop in our temperatures tomorrow. we'll take a look at the forecast coming up. >> ama: fire season heats up and the city of mill valley held its annual disaster drill.
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reporter: in the event of a fire or earthquake it would likely be much more chaotic than this, that's why first responders and volunteers are holding a disaster drill to prepare people in mill valley for major emergency. >> we want people to think about this potential disaster ahead of time. plan on how they're going to escape. get their family out of the area. >> the marin county sheriffs department used their plane to announce the evacuation of 800 homes on the west side. using their loud hilo, a speaker used as a public address system, helping sprend the message home oregons need to be self-sufficient. >> i'm always concerned about an earthquake, and we have a kit at home ready for that. but this year i guess i'm more concerned about a possible fire. >> they actually had to cancel
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their fire drill today because mill valley sent so many of their engines firefighters down to camarillo, knowing that so many fires are blazing across california right now, inspired residents to come participate in the drill. >> for me it reduced the anxiety i've had since moving to mill valley in 1968. always these things about fires and disasters. >> an important summer to understand what to do and to get trained, participate that these evacuation drills. >> in mill valley, abc7 news. >> two fire stations in santa rose sar now officially re-opened just in time for fi season. station 10, and station 11 celebrated with open houses. the stations had been in what's called brownouts for the past four years because of budget cults. it means the fire stations were open only parttime. a fema grant helped the stations
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re-open. >> investigators in calaveras county are knocking on the doors of hundreds of homes, looking for clues that will lead them to layla fowler's killer. she was stand -- stabbed to her death in her home. there have been few credible leads. only a vague subscription of a white or hispanic man. richmond police are looking for whoever shot and killed man driving near the iron try ang -- try ang gallon -- try anle area this morning. the shooting is not believed to be gang-related. >> still to come at 6:00, lending a hand. a neighborhood rallies around a family swept by tragedy. getting a head start on cinch coe -- cinch coe demayo. and stormxññ
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>> this weekend an entire san hoe say neighborhood is rallying around a family affected by a car accident. they're selling lemonade to raise money for a mother of two injured when a car crashed into
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her home and hit her. >> it's because of the success of people stopping by and being generous and giving. the community -- it's not even just our neighborhood. the entire city of san jose is supporting us and the family to help raise funds. >> ama: two 17-year-old boys were charged with reckless driving. you can expect street closures in san jose tomorrow for cinco depay mayo celebrations. fourth street and market street downtown will be closed, along with a large stretch of king road, and the sharks play form for game three at hp pavilion, so there will be a flood of hockey fans. >> thousands of people are expected to join the cinco de mayo celebration in santa rose from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on send bass -- sebastopol road.
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>> people in san francisco got a jump on cinco dimayo today. the festival featured music, acts, food, arts, and crafts, and a general good time. >> just head, from heat to the pocket of -- possibility of rain. >> mike: 139th running of the kentucky derby was one for the mudders. and san antonio might have something to
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>> ama: we have break news in the east bay. crews are just getting the upper hand on a two-alarm fire. lisa amin gulezian is live on the scene. lisa? >> impacted by this 930 washington place. you can see white smoke billowing out of the house. the house to the left has been damaged by fire. this is one of those things that
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people who live in the area say that it just happens very, very quickly. in fact i spoke with the home owner. she says she was out taking a walk and noticed there was smoke coming from her small cul-de-sac, and she realized it was her house that was on fire. the fire started at 4:30 today and residents on lexington place have been evacuated. the fire has been very hard to fight. at one point crews had to pull out because the situation got so dangerous, but of course, crews are back in right now and fighting the fire from the inside and from the outside. you can see the ladder is also up. that means the water was pouring down on to the main house where the fire started. the woman who lives in the house says her husband was home at the time but he also told her he had no idea how the whole thing started. and firefighters will be here for quite some time mopping up until they say no idea how this
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fire started. live, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> ama: a dream come true for a young kansas city boy living with a life-threatening form of cancer, all five-year-old joe joe wanted to do is become a farmer. that's been tough, though. he spent the last four months undergoing chemo, and radiation, after being diagnosis wed neuroblastoma. volunteers whisked him and his family to the country this week, thanks to make-a-wish foundation. >> the community has no idea who you are because they fell in love with a little child's dream. roll out the red carpet, and welcome us in like they've known us all our lives. >> ama: young joe joe got a hero's welcome. he says he can't wait to come back again some day. good for him for getting to do that. >> let's get to leigh glaser, who is checking the weather which is changing. >> leigh: we can already see the
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changes. live doppler 7hd right now picking up that -- a wall of fog and low clouds already moving inland towards the golden gate and into the bay. this is definitely going to cool us down. the next 24 hours or so. also, seeing some moisture wrapping from the sierra back towards the west. up towards the clear lake area. some of the higher elevations reporting a few sprinkles there, but the bay area, get ready, we may see some showers of our own heading into the first part of next week. a beautiful sky over san francisco, high definition rooftop cam showing the embarcadero. santa rosa, this your high today. 89, 73 in san francisco, 78 in oakland, live more, you topped off today, 90 degrees in san jose, managed 87. right now we can definitely see temperatures coming down. check out this wall of fog from our high def next mt. tamalpais
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camera, and very strong winds. sfo reporting wind gusts close to 22 miles-per-hour. so that sea breeze is with us. santa rosa, you're at 67. 83 livermore. here's a look at our forecast highlights. low clouds and fog returning, mainly on the coast and bay. sharp drop in temperatures for sunday. a chance of showers expected, especially heading into monday and tuesday. overnight lows tonight, the fog will be with us, the low clouds as well. upper 40s in the north bay, elsewhere, mid-to-low 50s, cooler tonight than last night. and here is the setup. lower pressure to the east of us. migrating back towards the west. this is 10:00 tomorrow morning. by 4:00 sunday afternoon we'll see chance of this low pooling on towards the west, of maybe in higher elevation light sprinkles around the bay area. a better chance of seeing a little bit more numerous
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sprinkles will be as we head into monday evening. there it is. 5:00. as well as tuesday morning. but nonetheless, this low sits off the coast, counterclockwise spin. moisture will be sent in toward the bay area. this is a good understanding how sharp the temperatures are going to drop. 80s in san have say today. 70 tomorrow. upper 60s monday and tuesday, and then see the trend start to go back up. so here's a look for sunday. 7, morgan hill. upper mid- -- mid-to-low 60s at the coast, breezy. palo alto. san francisco, 65. north bay, 70. 69 for oakland. east bay, no 90s or 80s but mid-to-upper 70s across the entire region. monday, chance of showers and tuesday, just a slight chance. higher elevations. some.
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>> warm things up friday and saturday. >> ama: thank you, leigh. >> ama: traumatic pause there. sports in your home town. >> mike: the 139th running of the roses known as the kentucky derby, held in my home town of louisville, but in wet conditions. we'll find out who is a mudder. here is your call. >> here comes orb on the outside. as they come down. it's orb in front. but normandie invasion, and golden -- down to the wire. orb has won the kentucky derby! >> mike: orb is a mudder. the five to one favorite came roaring from behind, running in a time of 2:02.89. winning the first leg of the trim crown and giving his trainer his first derby champion. as in the bronx facing the
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yankees. :lon got shelled. a's fans enjoying a sunny day at yankee stayed you but colon did not enjoy this. third inning, chris stewart turns on the pitch. shot to left. give yankees the lead in the fiction lyle overbay, see ya. and colon knew it. monster bat to the second deck. sixth inning, hafner, bloops a single to left. cano -- a's trail. and yankees starter phil hughes had the as number. the a's scored two in the ninth but in the yankees win, 4- >> the warriors on their way to san antonio to face the spurs in the well-con frequents semifinals. game one monday night, and after the win over denver there will be no rest for the weary as the spurs present a tougher matchup an the nuggets, namely tim
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duncan. he has never lost to golden state. these are 2-2 on the season. a satisfy vicious veteran team, that anybody can step up and -- >> we respect that team. and the way they go about their business. that being said, going to be a great series, a lot of fun. >> mike: only game seven between the knicks and bulls. nate rob benson turns the ball over. williams with the pretty pass for the monster jam. second quarter, noah all alone. that's good. bulls up at the half. 61-44. we'll have the complete highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. third round of the wells fargo championship. where is my daughter? there she is, on the tee box. mom chasing her down. the mother multitasking.
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phil mickelson entered the day with a two-stroke lead but every a doll bogey on 15, his approac on 16, hits a speck tail for in the head and the ball lands in the tee box on the next hole. phil apologized to the spectator,sh wished him luck. he is tied with watney at 8 under. >> 46th minute, impact on the side. mapp, scores his second. the earthquake didn't quit. sam krohn cronin, finds the back of the net and this one ended in a 2-2 draw. >> this abc7 news sports robert brought you by roar chard supply hardware. giants and dodgers right now. will gilroy's own cabrera upasset floyd mayweather jury in vegas? we'll have that for you tonight. >> you can share your warriors
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pride by posting this go warriors badge to your facebook page. >> just ahead, an invasion from the 'star wars
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>> ama: join me tonight at 9:00 on cable 1. why scientists are telling aging generations to get their game on. the benefits of individual grime coming up at 9:00. and then at 11:00, disabled woman reside appeal for help ignored until michael finney steps in. what he did to make sure her phone company got the message. >> today is may 4th. it's it's may the force be with you. storm troopers invade it the haight. and fans traded star wars memorabilia. there are other vents like this one all over the world today. and boys and girls got a double dose today. free comic book day.
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stories across the nation handed out free comics. the holiday started 11 years ago to boost interest in comic books and is held the first saturday of every may. >> that's it for us at 6:00. for leigh glaser and mike shumann, thank you for joining us. we'll be back at 9:00 and 11:00. see you then. leaving you with a live look outside on your saturday. enjoy the warm temperatures. see you tonight.
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>> are you sure that our adoption is absolutely, positively, and completely final? >> yes, it absolutely, positively, and completely is. >> so nobody can take us away, right? >> that means nobody, sweetheart. >> even if i used somebody's toothbrush to clean my fish tank? >> ew! >> what is this green stuff on my toothbrush? >> joaquin! >> but my goldfish couldn't see. >> you're never gonna see 10. >> don't threaten your brother. >> yeah. >> oh, keep talking, and we're gonna have some fish for dinner. >> hah! >> that sounds like a real family right there. >> okay, now, has anybody seen my hairbrush? i left it sitting in there on the sink. >> the question is, what are you doing with a hairbrush? >> oh, for your information, i use it to maintain my chinchilla hat. >> well, that leads to my next question.


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